The Family of Musical Elements

I don't believe I've ever seen a music textbook, or observed or even taught a music course that didn't include plenty of instruction on the elements of music. Melody, harmony, pitch, rhythm, beat, and so forth all are rightly considered critical to any course on music. These things are the very raw materials out of … Continue reading The Family of Musical Elements

What Are The Elements of Music?

For as long as any of you reading this have been alive, music has been taught in the context of so-called musical elements. Though one can find variations on just what is included in a list of musical elements, most will agree that it includes rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, timbre, texture, and form. Some of … Continue reading What Are The Elements of Music?

Getting Beyond the Associative Property of Music

Music is a highly associative experience. I'm always interested in what is going on the the minds f my students as they listen to music, particularly classical music. Of course I can't know for sure-- no one can see into the mind of another person--but through careful questioning I find it valuable to try to … Continue reading Getting Beyond the Associative Property of Music