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Version 2My three latest compositions, Woodwind Quintet No. 1 in Bb MajorClarinet Choir No. 1 in Eb major, and Brass Quintet No. 1 are now available. You can listen to each piece by clicking on the linked titles above. If you are interested in purchasing any or all of these for your ensemble or your students, please contact me at MrAMusicPlace@gmail.com or visit my store at MrAMusicPlace Store.

Welcome to my music place. This is a gathering place for music educators, music education majors, and all who are interested in teaching music. Here, we discuss topics that are important to us as music teachers, students, parents, and friends.  My posts are often reflections on my day of teaching, or on something I’m learning or implementing in my music classroom. Many are intended to be of help to college music majors and active music teachers, while  others are more generally about music or music education, and are meant for a wider audience.

We have made Mr A Music Place a truly international destination. So far this year, you have gathered here from 181 countries. I am excited by this, and look forward to each of you returning often. While you’re here, please comment on my posts, ask questions, and suggest topics for future posts. When you enjoy a post, please like it and share it. If you would like more detailed information on the core arts standards for music, or you would like information on my students’  performances in the New Haven (CT) area, you can visit mramusicplace.com.

It’s easy to keep up with the latests posts at Mr A Music Place. When you become a follower, you will automatically get every post delivered to your e-mail inbox. The content is optimized for tablet and phone viewing, too, so you never have to be away from what’s going on here.

Be sure to come back often, and bring your friends.

Best regards,

Mr. A

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