Music Technology Tips for Parents and Teachers

Because so many schools are still doing distance learning this fall, parents and teachers are turning to online music resources to help supplement the education of their students. The following tips and resources will help teachers and parents integrate more music technology into their students lives.  Tips and Resources for Music Teachers  Tips If you … Continue reading Music Technology Tips for Parents and Teachers

Rethinking Music Making

For most if not all classical musicians, the phrase "making music" means to perform music and to do so in an expressive way, with a high level of musicianship. We spent 4 or more years in music conservatories or university music departments developing our performance prowess on our instruments so that we could make music. … Continue reading Rethinking Music Making

A Music Teacher’s Balancing Act

One of the greatest challenges I face as a music teacher is balancing two important influences. These influences are student interest, student confidence, and curriculum. Many of my students love to listen to music, but aren't interested in learning about music, or learning to perform it, even the music they listen to. Just the fact … Continue reading A Music Teacher’s Balancing Act

Music and Literacy–The Backbone of Musicianship

In my last post, I discussed the meaning of musicianship. Certainly, part of what goes into musicianship is the part of music literacy that is the generating of musical ideas. Literacy of any kind does not only include reading and writing, but also creating ideas and communicating them to others. In music, improvisers do this … Continue reading Music and Literacy–The Backbone of Musicianship