This Year, How To Begin

It's time for the new school year to begin. That usually means students and teachers return to their buildings, exchange stories of an enjoyable summer, and except for light hearted complaints about how the summer break was too short, everyone is generally glad to be back, able to see their friends again and get back … Continue reading This Year, How To Begin

Best Practices for Distance Learning

As teachers prepare for the start of a new school year, there is plenty of uncertainty and controversy over just what that re-opening will look like. One thing that does not seem to be much in doubt is that some measure of distance learning will still be needed. Whether districts decide to keep all students … Continue reading Best Practices for Distance Learning

Keeping Learning Assessment Rigorous at Home

As if collecting assessment data were not challenging enough for music teachers, the distance learning environment we now find ourselves in adds an additional layer of concern. The ultimate goal of any educational instruction is to guide students to points where they can problem solve and apply learning to real-life situations. For some, holding school … Continue reading Keeping Learning Assessment Rigorous at Home