Let’s Not Make It Anything Else But Love

Recently, I was directing a musical theater production. As I coached one of the leads in her song, she became excited over what I was having her do with it. Before we started the session, she knew the lyrics and the pitches, and was close on most of the rhythms. But that was it. What … Continue reading Let’s Not Make It Anything Else But Love

How Do We Keep Going When It Keeps Going?

As case counts of the Delta variant of Covid-19 continue to grow, many school districts are delaying the new school year, or returning to remote formats. While we have learned a great deal about how to best deliver remote learning formats to our students, difficulties persist. We all realize that there is no remote equivalent … Continue reading How Do We Keep Going When It Keeps Going?

A Guide to Teaching the Beginning Flute

By Aleah Fitzwater, Guest Blogger Hello there! My name is Aleah. I am a classical flutist with a degree in instrumental music education. I am so thankful to be featured here on MR A Music Place. Here’s a big shoutout to Robert for the feature. Ah, the flute. One of the most notoriously difficult instruments for … Continue reading A Guide to Teaching the Beginning Flute

What Makes A Lesson Well Planned?

Lesson planning is among the most important things teachers do. Without a soundly planned lesson, teaching will inevitably suffer. Planning for classes of 20 or more students, many with varying needs and skill levels, can be challenging, but successfully teaching such a class is virtually impossible if lessons are not properly planned. In this article, … Continue reading What Makes A Lesson Well Planned?

What Are Some Good Score Study Habits?

How does a music educator introduce their ensemble to a new piece? Perhaps it goes something like this. The school ensemble conductor passes out the new music, maybe plays a demonstration recording, maybe gives a verbal summary of the main sections of the piece, and then optimistically begins to lead the ensemble in sight reading … Continue reading What Are Some Good Score Study Habits?

Creativity Is Getting Us Through

As the restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic have stayed with us for over a year now, it is strikingly apparent how important those things I can still do are, now that many things I used to do are no longer available. Large group rehearsals, community theater, even dining out with friends who are … Continue reading Creativity Is Getting Us Through

OAE’s Exciting Collaboration

Collaborations between arts organizations, universities, and local public school districts have at times been wildly successful and mutually beneficial. College students often find enriching rewards in working with younger pupils, and the latter benefit immensely from being mentored by their senior. Likewise, arts organizations such as symphony orchestras that go into the schools with relevant … Continue reading OAE’s Exciting Collaboration

What Makes A Melody Beautiful?

What makes a melody beautiful? I’m intentionally not asking what makes music beautiful, because there are many different kinds of music and with them, different kinds of beauty. But the beautiful melody is much more likely to transcend genres; it’s properties are more universal, so it seems most tenable to ask, “what makes a melody … Continue reading What Makes A Melody Beautiful?

Teachers as Mentors to Students

As we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic with a balance of remote learning and bringing students back into physical school campuses, many are taking the opportunity to evaluate how the models upon which we teach our children can be improved. While much progress has been made in the last forty years, many of those advances … Continue reading Teachers as Mentors to Students