What Is Musical Texture?

As I was writing my lesson plans for this week, I decided I wanted to teach a lesson on musical texture. I had mentioned texture in passing, but decided I needed to go further with it than that. As I prepared my lesson, I was surprised to find a limited amount of information on the … Continue reading What Is Musical Texture?

Understanding Polyrhythms

Polyrhythms are defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as "the simultaneous combination of contrasting rhythms in music." In the Harvard Dictionary of Music, one learns that a polyrhythm is "the simultaneous use of strikingly contrasted rhythms in different parts of the musical fabric." In Western art music, the term is most often used not in reference … Continue reading Understanding Polyrhythms

Thinking In Music is the Key to Music Literacy

One of the reasons teaching music reading and writing is so challenging for students and music teachers is that music is not used nearly as often as a basis for thought and actions. Every action begins with a thought, and thoughts are generally pictures or words; images or descriptions. Music for most people is something … Continue reading Thinking In Music is the Key to Music Literacy