Demystifying Pre-assessment

Pre-assessment can be a confusing, even upsetting thing for teachers and students. Most of the confusion and upsetting arises from a sense of unfairness; how can students be tested on something we know they don't know? When approached in this manner, pre-assessment stirs up anxiety for teachers and students alike. Considering this, the first step … Continue reading Demystifying Pre-assessment

Specificity and Assessment

Formative assessments are different from evaluations. The latter are meant to quantify the final results of learning, and are usually associated with summative data. The former are designed to give both teacher and student with useful feedback on how teaching and learning is going in a specific area. Because of this, it is best if … Continue reading Specificity and Assessment

The Learning Sequence for a Unit Plan

Previously, I have written about writing objectives and assessments for students. Today I will discuss the learning sequence across a unit. A unit consists of a well-sequenced series of lessons that guides students along to a final goal. While the teacher uses a lesson plan for each lesson within the unit--a plan in which activities … Continue reading The Learning Sequence for a Unit Plan

Types of Assessment and Their Uses in Music Education

We music educators sometimes have difficulty assessing our students. There are several reasons for this, including large student loads and limited instructional time, but perhaps one of the most important reasons is that assessment is something we don't fully understand. What purpose should be achieved by using assessment? What kinds of assessments are there, and which … Continue reading Types of Assessment and Their Uses in Music Education