Why I Became A Music Teacher and Why It Matters

It is good to recall from time to time why we became music teachers. In my case, it was the desire to find something to do for a living that would include music making, and that would bring the immense enjoyment I had for making music to others; a kind of give back opportunity. I … Continue reading Why I Became A Music Teacher and Why It Matters

Questions and Learning

Questioning is an essential tool in teaching. In traditional classrooms, a teacher asks students questions, and the students answer them, and memorize the answers in order to gain knowledge. In contemporary classrooms, students take on a more active role by both asking and answering questions in a discussion format. Socratic circles and Paideia seminars are two … Continue reading Questions and Learning

Teaching Music from the Student’s Perspective

In the midst of planning and teaching lessons that encompass a complete curriculum and provide training in comprehensive musicianship, music teachers, myself included, sometimes forget to approach our content from the student's perspective. As teachers, we are aware of different proficiency levels and different learning styles, but we are not as aware of what our … Continue reading Teaching Music from the Student’s Perspective