What You Evaluate Says A Lot About What’s of Value in Your Program

Let me begin today by asking you a question. If you direct a large music ensemble such as a choir, orchestra, or band, how do you assign report card grades to your students? I've been teaching music for over thirty years. "Back in the day" it was perfectly acceptable to give any student that warmed … Continue reading What You Evaluate Says A Lot About What’s of Value in Your Program


Why Music Is Not Expendable

If there has been one constant over the last decades in education, it is the ease and speed with which music programs are cut or eliminated when funds are short. Time and again, music is viewed as less important and even expendable compared to language arts, science, and math. While there are no doubt numerous … Continue reading Why Music Is Not Expendable

How Are Balance Problems in Music Remedied?

Whether you’re a band, orchestra or choir director, or a musician in one of these ensembles, you have probably had to deal with the problem of having too few basses in your ensemble. There never seems to be enough players for tubas and double basses, nor do their ever seem to be enough boys to … Continue reading How Are Balance Problems in Music Remedied?

What Is A Music Conductor?

Today I would like to explore conductors. Not the kind that drives a train, or the kind that carries electricity, though both have similarities to my topic. No, the conductor I want to explore is the kind that stands in front of a symphony orchestra, or wind ensemble, or choir. At first glance, it appears … Continue reading What Is A Music Conductor?