Using Music Vocabulary in the Music Classroom

Teaching music vocabulary is not something that comes naturally for me. It is all too easy for me to teach lesson after lesson without naming things. That really is what vocabulary building is: giving a name to things you refer to or do. For example, I might ask a kindergarten class to sing the refrain … Continue reading Using Music Vocabulary in the Music Classroom

Why Music Is Not Expendable

If there has been one constant over the last decades in education, it is the ease and speed with which music programs are cut or eliminated when funds are short. Time and again, music is viewed as less important and even expendable compared to language arts, science, and math. While there are no doubt numerous … Continue reading Why Music Is Not Expendable

Why We Sing, Why We Play

Music teachers often work on musical works with their students for one of two general reasons. They learn to perform a work for a concert, or to teach a skill or concept. Of course, good music teachers teach skills and concepts while teacing concert pieces, but the purpose for selecting the work is different. With … Continue reading Why We Sing, Why We Play