Two Realms of Childhood

The Core Arts Standards for Music specify standard and/or iconic notation for planning and making musical works, but do not mention using notation of any kind for responding to music. This may be an attempt to keep responding to music accessible to students who have limited music reading skills, but avoids an opportunity to build … Continue reading Two Realms of Childhood

How To Ease Musical Transitions

I expect that all of us have found from our own performance and from directing our performance ensembles that transitions always need extra practice; those measures in a musical work where the composer moves from one section to the next, or one theme to the next. Everything is going well, and then we arrive at … Continue reading How To Ease Musical Transitions

Teach Music to Thinkers, Not Jars

Our basic philosophy of teaching and learning has changed quite a bit in the last thirty years. I remember in the 1980s a social studies teacher had a sign on his classroom door on which was written “free knowledge, bring your own container.” This represented what then was the prevalent view of education. Students were … Continue reading Teach Music to Thinkers, Not Jars