Thoughts on Practicing

I have spent a lot of years practicing when I didn't feel like it. I practiced my first year of playing the clarinet because my mother made me. She went to great lengths to make it fun, but I was all too glad when the required practice time was over. When I reached middle school, … Continue reading Thoughts on Practicing

More On Differentiation in Music Classes

The Core Arts standards include selecting music for performance and listening. Among the things to be considered are student abilities and student interests. Students should have an accurate assessment of their abilities so that they can choose music that is within their capacity to play or sing, and students should have the opportunity to study … Continue reading More On Differentiation in Music Classes

Confidence Counts For More Than Talent

Talent, as I have written elsewhere, is highly overrated. I’ve seen it time and again: a student who is a hard worker out performs a student with much more natural talent. Talent has to be used and improved upon or it soon becomes worthless. Hard work always pays off, even when it doesn’t lead to … Continue reading Confidence Counts For More Than Talent