Before the Lesson Plan

Teachers know that quality instruction doesn't just happen by chance in the classroom, and trying to improvise lessons just doesn't work. Quality instruction has to be planned. Certainly flexibility will be needed, and everything will not always go as planned, but teaching without planning will not result in significant learning. What many teachers do not … Continue reading Before the Lesson Plan

How Fun Does Music Class Have to Be?

If there is one thing that will make or break a lesson, it is how the teacher gets the class started. Any delay in engaging and capturing students focus will result in a slow start from which it is difficult to recover.  Ways to do this have been given different names for different generations. Madeline … Continue reading How Fun Does Music Class Have to Be?

Keeping Students Connected to and Enjoying Music Class

Often, a student will come into my classroom drumming a rhythm or singing a tune, or even dancing. Initially, I am glad to see them living with music so enjoyably, but usually, I am compelled to ask them to stop so that we can begin our lesson. Sometimes, the student will reply, "but it's music, … Continue reading Keeping Students Connected to and Enjoying Music Class

The Basics of Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is one of the most important things teachers do. Many methods and formats for lesson planning have circulated within teacher preparation programs and professional development seminars. Today, I’d like to reduce them down to the most essential points, and show you how I go about planning my music lessons. The best place to … Continue reading The Basics of Lesson Planning