Rethinking How We Teach Chorus

Chorus in many ways is the perfect means for providig music making opportunities to non-musicians. After all, except in rare cases, we all have voices and we all can use those voices to sing. Actual inability to sing in tune is extremely rare, and most people in a safe environment free from judgement and negative … Continue reading Rethinking How We Teach Chorus

Singing and Rapping: Two Vocal Traditions

Every now and again, when I say to a student, "please stop talking and instead sing," I get a reply of "but talking and singing are the same thing." I used to be amazed that anyone would not pick up on the differences between spoken word and sung lyrics. But then I stopped to reflect … Continue reading Singing and Rapping: Two Vocal Traditions

What’s All The Movement About?

Movement and music are a natural pair. When we listen to music, we naturally want to move. Researchers have found that just listening to music stimulates the motion center of the brain just as if we were actually moving. There is also an emotional aspect of movement as well. This morning, during my pre-kindergarten class … Continue reading What’s All The Movement About?