The Inner Workings of a Concert

As much as I enjoy putting on concerts, there are aspects of the enterprise I just don't like at all. They are mostly the non-musical details. Making the program, copying the program, usually on a copy machine that will jam at least once, getting the office assistant to break open the vault and sneak me … Continue reading The Inner Workings of a Concert

The Concert Is Only Part of the Performance Process

Many of us will be giving our winter or holiday concerts in the coming weeks. With the rolling out of the new core arts standards for music, our concerts will be the performance process and the present standard. The interesting thing about the way the standards are laid out for performance is that all of … Continue reading The Concert Is Only Part of the Performance Process

Duke Ellington Had It Right

Duke Ellington once said, “The wise musicians are those who play what they can master.” There is a lot for music educators to think about in that statement, especially because an enduring understanding for performing includes “knowledge of musical works,” and “understanding of their own technical skill.” Learning, motivation, and satisfaction are always tied to … Continue reading Duke Ellington Had It Right