What We Become

If you have children, you have no doubt at some point saw or heard them do something that was exactly something you do, and which the child has picked up and begun doing themselves. Or, perhaps you have caught yourself doing something and then realized it was just like what your Mom or Dad do. … Continue reading What We Become


Some Thoughts on Good Classroom Practice

Successful teaching must include preparing and practicing good instructional strategies. Because a classroom of children is an environment in which students must successfully and constructively interact with each other and the teacher, preparation and practice must address the social and emotional needs of students, and include a level of challenge that helps students respond to questions, provide … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Good Classroom Practice

Creating A Successful Classroom Culture

With all of the emphasis on testing in schools today, teachers are often forced to give too much attention to what is taught, which is what will be tested, and not enough attention to how to teach, and where to teach. By where to teach, I am referring to the learning environment that teachers and students establish in a classroom. … Continue reading Creating A Successful Classroom Culture

Teaching Music To Special Needs Students

Billy Rueckert is 13 years old. And he likes to prove people wrong...Billy has cerebral palsy, and he was barely 10 when he peeked into the band room...and informed Miss Roggen he’d like to learn to play an instrument. Anything. He wasn’t picky.” I remember him coming through that door with his walker,” says Tammy … Continue reading Teaching Music To Special Needs Students