Why Music Is Not Expendable

If there has been one constant over the last decades in education, it is the ease and speed with which music programs are cut or eliminated when funds are short. Time and again, music is viewed as less important and even expendable compared to language arts, science, and math. While there are no doubt numerous … Continue reading Why Music Is Not Expendable

The Inner Workings of a Concert

As much as I enjoy putting on concerts, there are aspects of the enterprise I just don't like at all. They are mostly the non-musical details. Making the program, copying the program, usually on a copy machine that will jam at least once, getting the office assistant to break open the vault and sneak me … Continue reading The Inner Workings of a Concert

How Are Balance Problems in Music Remedied?

Whether you’re a band, orchestra or choir director, or a musician in one of these ensembles, you have probably had to deal with the problem of having too few basses in your ensemble. There never seems to be enough players for tubas and double basses, nor do their ever seem to be enough boys to … Continue reading How Are Balance Problems in Music Remedied?

When A Graduating Class Makes A Choir

Every year, the graduating class at my school sings a class song at their graduation ceremony. We spend time considering possible songs, and after two classes, vote on which song will be sung. There are always some among the the minority that are unhappy about the selection, and there are always some who insist they … Continue reading When A Graduating Class Makes A Choir