Views of Music

Is music an object or an experience, or both? All views have filled pages of scholarly writing, and the answer that any music educator settles on will perhaps influence how s/he teaches music more than anything else can. If you believe that music is an object, then you will teach about music, and have your … Continue reading Views of Music

Music Is Becoming More Relevant Than Ever

I'm fairly certain we can agree that music conveys, expresses or evokes feelings and emotions. We've all experienced mood and emotional change while listening to music, and the relaxing or exciting effect music has not only on our emotions, but our bodies too as our heart rate increases, and we physically respond to music to … Continue reading Music Is Becoming More Relevant Than Ever

Child Development and Music Education

Dr. James Comer of Yale University has found six pathways along which children develop. These pathways are described as physical, cognitive, language, social, ethical, and psychological. While music education clearly has ties to all six pathways, I would like to focus in on two of them: cognitive and psychological. The Cognitive Pathway and Music The … Continue reading Child Development and Music Education

Why Arts Education is More Important Than Ever

Have you ever stopped to consider the difference between sending or receiving a handwritten letter and an e-mail or text? I hadn't until the other day, when I joined a discussion on whether cursive should be taught in schools, or just allowed to be forgotten and fall into obsolescence. Some argued that the latter had … Continue reading Why Arts Education is More Important Than Ever

What Is The Purpose of Concerts?

For most if not all school music programs, the performing of concerts is at the core of what music educators and their students have uppermost on their agendas. Music teachers spend a great deal of time planning and rehearsing concert programs, always with the performance in mind. While (hopefully) plenty of musical concepts are being … Continue reading What Is The Purpose of Concerts?

Music Education and Self-Directed Learning

Many of us music educators have, over the years, spent a good deal of time advocating for music education. It can seem to us that at every turn, our programs are in danger of being scaled back or eliminated in the name of raising academic achievement--a strategy we know is ill-advised and contrary to an … Continue reading Music Education and Self-Directed Learning

MIOSM: The Creative Mind and Being Inspired

It is hard to argue with the statement that music inspires us, though in my last post I discussed some conditions that music must meet to be inspirational. Today, I would like to share with you some of the science behind being inspired. What state does our brain like to be in for it to … Continue reading MIOSM: The Creative Mind and Being Inspired