The Music of Robert Adams

Music for concert band.

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This traditional march is equally suited for concerts or parades,
and the obligato in the trio will show off your piccolo and flute
sections. Snappy dotted rhythms of the first strain contrast with
the broad, flowing phrases of the trio.

In The Wake of Memories is a descriptive musical essay.
It begins with horns beckoning from the distance. Soon,
the drum and cornets join, drawing closer, inviting an
optimistic look into the future. Soon a stately theme begins
comprised of two central motifs that will drive the entire
piece. These are at times isolated and lonely, driven by
anxiety, and at other times find calm optimism. In the end,
a better tomorrow prevails. This work is well-suited for
high school, community, and college bands seeking a more
traditional contemporary selection.

A traditional concert march, with ample opportunities
for your low brass to shine, and your high woodwinds
float on an alluring trio melody. Medium Advanced